Alexis Mori is a French painter who came to the forefront at the end of the 1960s in contact with the artists of the Nice School. He launched himself, on a self–taught basis, along the pathway of an art that he called “sculptopeinture” (“sculptopainting”).A born matierist, Mori made bas-reliefs with very different materials, depending on the composition of the work. He then painted the reliefs with a fairly bright, rich palette. It must be remembered that Mori arrived by way of sculpture and the approach in his canvases was that of coming to terms with the medium.

Mori travelled from country to country for some twenty years to show the works of his first period and to listen to the critics.

In 1987, while making engravings, Mori launched ‘Télographie’, the art of writing with a canvas. He made novel engravings in relief and in color, using a roller press. In three years of work and reflection, with the help of these prints, Mori discovered a new pathway that might suit him – “Lignisme” (“Linism”)

Mori took then a serious turn. The first ‘Linist’ works still bore traces of the first period. The artist changed and in 1990 his metamorphosis was irreversible. Mori had entered a new period – linism. There followed once again untiring quests to improve his techniques. Using all sorts of spatulas, chisels and tools that he made himself, the artist created pieces with greater spontaneity, thanks to the work of his first period, with more than 350 works, some twenty of which are large monumental items. Ninety percent of these have already been purchased by collectors and museums.

With a position in figurative art and a reputation as a great colorist. Mori entered the abstract world where art is not compartmentalized, has no frontiers and must nonetheless be made to hold its own! Mori knew this, with his habits and characters he composed abstract works that were both carefully planned and spontaneous and in which the combination of lines and colors reveals an innate golden section. Creation light, shade, line, color and vivacity are the painter’s greatest assets.

Mori used these assets to plunge into one of his dreams – textiles and fashion collections ! Thus, in 1997 he designed a complete prototype collection in relief and fluorescent colors on cotton that he presented at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes during the Cannes Festival in 1998 and then in California in the same year. Given the success and novelty of the idea, the painter-designer created no less than six design models that were computerized and printed in Vietnam and China on six different kinds of material. He made a substantial financial investment and his first collection, ‘Fluo Dancers’, was completed in 2005 and presented in department stores and trendy boutiques. But this did not go to his head and, still an abstract painter above all, he cast off his moorings and now travels alone with his abstract art that is both constructed and instinctive. A renowned contemporary artist, Alexis Mori thus travels the world, with more than 300 exhibitions to his credit and 45 years of career, using his lines and colors like a new pathway in twenty–first century art.

To conclude, Mori is a contemporary dream and, while white hair may have arrived, his art is still as possible made with lines and colors. Through this virtual gallery, Mori expects enriching your vision and why not enriching also your collection ?